Case Studies

International Working Capital Solutions GTM Framework

Service Offering:

Go-to-Market Acceleration


Global Financial Services Company


VP of International Sales

The Challenge

One of the company’s under-invested B2B products had taken off on its own across international markets. While the returns were suddenly quite promising, there was no consistency in how the product was being positioned, marketed, sold, installed, or operated from market to market. The company needed a “playbook” for the Field to drive that consistency, reduce the sales cycle, elevate the customer & colleague experience, and ultimately increase overall revenue.

What We Did

We engaged with the international sales community and current client base. We applied a proven approach to understand their needs, frame the challenges, and identity opportunities towards closing more deals. This data was synthesized and assembled into an international Sales “playbook” spanning topics across marketing, positioning, pricing, and implementation.

By The Numbers


Increase in international sales


new deals signed


in new revenue pipeline identified


CAGR growth

WOW. This is amazing. Just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the team. We really appreciate all the effort and work you and your team has invested in the project. I know you have gone above and beyond. It is great work. Looking forward to working together again soon. 

-VP, International Supplier Payments


  1. A New Product Vision. A common vision and mission was developed to align salespersons to a shared “North Star” and the value the product brings to the prospective client and the outcomes the company are striving towards.
  2. Analysis of the Sales Pipeline. We rationalized the myriad reporting procedures across international markets into a single view of both sales and pipeline activities, thus allowing salespersons and leadership to identify the potential areas of growth (e.g., untapped industry verticals) and sustainability as evidence for continued investment into the products.
  3. Better Value Propositions. The playbook produced clear articulations of customer needs/pains across both buyers and suppliers, a detailed value proposition for each, elevator pitch, product construct configuration options, and common objections/responses
  4. Optimized Flows from Prospect to Client. We incorporated best practices across all international markets to produce a detailed flow of sales lifecycle activities, from prospect generation models and prequalification to collaborative organization constructs, streamlined pricing, and consistent reporting & analytics of the pipeline.
  5. Improved Win Rate. The immediate result of the playbook’s publication saw a record-setting number of closed deals in the two months that followed the engagement.