Case Study

Platform Audit and User Experience Redesign

Service Offering:

Assessment & Strategic Recommendation,
Design Services


Communication Technology Company


Senior Product Manager

The Challenge

A communications technology giant needed to fully reimagine a recently acquired smart city management platform. The goal: to integrate and scale infrastructure technology including node control and improve user experience to effectively manage large cities. In cities like Los Angeles, where there are almost 8m cars and 150 crashes a day, the ability to collect data and gain near real-time visibility into vital operations technologies is critical.

What We Did

After a critical analysis of the existing platform and a competitive review to understand the advantages, we fully re-designed the lighting management and mobile maintenance app. The new focus was to provide increased actionability, efficiency, and scalability.

By The Numbers


smart node management scale increase for large cities


technology revenue boost – smart lighting market by 2025


synchronized traffic lights over 469 square miles


connected lights by 2025


  1. Re-imaged customer needs and platform content hierarchy
  2. Completely redesigned platform
  3. Ready to launch in LA
  4. Scale from 100k-1m nodes
  5. Implemented wireless network in select cities (ex: OKC) to assist with traffic issues
  6. Boosts IoT technology revenues